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The purpose of this site is to raise awareness of the need to archive audio and video recordings that may contain your family history.  Of prime importance is everything on magnetic media. Such as; audio cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, digital audio on magnetic media, and all of your video tapes. The fact is, that they are deteriorating over time and some of them may not be playable now. Not only is the magnetic media degrading, but the equipment and expertise needed to retrieve those aging recordings is becoming more difficult to find.   Still and moving pictures (including negatives) can last considerably longer than your magnetic media when properly stored. That said, they should be inspected periodically and eventually migrated to the digital realm as well. Any opinions expressed on this website, are strictly mine (including the typos). Although this site is copyrighted, you are welcome to any information that is available here if you contact me. (Those who know how, will scrape what they want) However, if you contact me, the information will be delivered as an email attachment in one of several file formats (your choice). In the Articles pages, I write more in-depth about records and audio tapes. There is information about managing your analog audio collection plus other informative stuff about digital file formats, including managing those as well. I write articles based on my experiences and reader feedback. Many of the articles were written a couple of years ago, and they are constantly being updated. I have put together some simple glossaries that are specific to records, tapes, the digital domain, and some general audio terminology. The Links page is designed to help you with disaster recovery, find a vendor, learn more about audio, archival and restoration. There are also links to products and services at the end of many of the articles. Although there are several links to vendors, no income is derived from those links. Also, there is no paid advertising on any of the pages. Please check out the links page for those who provide transfer and restoration services throughout the US and Canada. Particularly if you would like to find a vendor that is somewhat geographically close to you. It is the Articles, Glossaries and Links pages that are always changing so, stop by once in awhile for a visit. Return to TOP of page © Corey Bailey Audio Engineering
<<IF>> You are here because of recent water or smoke damage, please visit the SpecsBros website for what to do for damaged media. More links to disaster recovery sites are on my links page
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