Corey Bailey
Audio Engineering
Baileyzone I’m often asked: “Why” In the 1970’s and early 1980’s, I serviced a radio studio that recorded stories for broadcast. Broadcasters call the short stories ‘Magazines.’ The recording engineer did a great imitation of Rod Serling reciting the intro to “The Twilight Zone.” One day, I had him do his imitation so that I could test the recording chain. Instead of saying Twilight Zone, he said Baileyzone and that recording became our telephone message for years. I received many compliments on it. Sometime in 1990 or 1991 (I don’t remember exactly when), I registered the domain name with the Internic. Registration of a domain name with the Internic was free at the time. Then, in about 1991, the process was handed over to Network Solutions and everything changed. Network Solutions charged $35.00 for registration and the same for an annual fee and I complied. However, Network Solutions somehow lost my renewal fee which took months to resolve. Network Solutions answer to the problem was to issue a refund but the domain name was gone. A cat breeder in Florida had grabbed it. The cat breeder used it for a couple of years and then it was sold. During that time, several companies got into the domain name registering business. I went with one of them and registered every version of Baileyzone that I could. I eventually let all of them go except for In 2012, I launched a website using the domain name. For a couple of years, I watched as it changed hands and became more expensive each time until I finally lost interest. The domain name is still available if you’re interested. Return to TOP of page © Corey Bailey Audio Engineering
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